Ocala Criminal Defense Attorneys Choose the Powerful Defense of Dunham & Ingram

Welcome to the Blog for Christopher L. Dunham, P.A.

Have you been arrested for a criminal offense in Marion County or Ocala? It is vitally important that you act quickly to retain the legal counsel of a trusted criminal defense attorney. At my firm, I have years of experience in providing my clients with outstanding representation for their criminal cases. As a former assistant state attorney, I have been able to get a full understanding of the Florida criminal justice system and can apply this directly to your defense. Recently, I launched my new website, aimed at providing valuable information to those criminally accused. To coincide with this launch, I proudly announce the launch of this new blog, which will be updated periodically to provide residents and clients with information regarding criminal justice in Florida. If you have questions or are interested in working with my firm, contact Christopher L. Dunham, P.A. today and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.