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What begins as a simple disagreement or argument can quickly escalate into something more if you are not careful. When physical contact becomes involved in the equation, parties can file charges against you. If you have been involved in an altercation, you should protect your legal rights by getting in immediate touch with an experienced defense firm. Legal counsel can help to seek lessening of charges against you and reduction of the possible consequences you may be facing.

Understanding the Charges & Penalties

When a person makes unlawful physical contact with another person, this is defined as battery. It is a different charge than that of assault, in that the contact was not necessarily deemed violent in nature. Generally, battery is charged as a misdemeanor in Florida, but extenuating circumstances such a past criminal record can escalate the charge to a felony.

If convicted of misdemeanor battery charges, you could face up to one year in jail and up a $1,000 fine. You may also be subject to mandatory anger management enrollment. In the end, penalties can vary greatly depending on your judge, the circumstances of the incident, the extent of any physical injury caused, and how vigilant your attorney is in defending your case.

What is the Difference Between Assault and Battery in Florida?

In Florida, the difference between assault and battery is that assault is the threat that causes fear of harm, while battery is the physical harm or unwanted touch.

Representation You Can Trust in Ocala

No one wants to carry a permanent criminal record with them that can have grievous consequences on future opportunities. At Dunham & Ingram, we are committed to helping you defend against battery charges and to ensuring that your constitutional rights are protected.

We handle all types of battery charges, including:

We believe in offering tenacious legal representation to all of our battery defense clients and will offer a distinct level of personal service and communication that not every firm can provide to you. If you have been arrested on battery charges, you should take them very seriously.

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