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In the state of Florida, grandparents are given legal options to intervene if they believe their grandchildren are being mistreated by abusive parents. Using third-party emergency custody orders, grandparents can fight for custody of their grandchildren in instances where remaining in the hands of their parents are not in the child’s best interests.

Things can get emotional and heated extremely quickly in family law cases, especially those involving third-party emergency custody orders. At Dunham & Ingram, our skilled family lawyers in Ocala are intimately familiar with Florida family law as well as the challenges that often come with these cases. Backed by decades of experience, our attorneys can proficiently guide you through the legal process and help you protect your grandchildren.

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About Third-Party Emergency Orders

In a vast majority of cases, courts in Florida prefer to have children stay in the care of their biological parents, except in certain cases. These types of cases come up when there is compelling evidence that something in the child’s home or life may put them at risk of harm, such as mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse, and more. If you believe your grandchildren may be at risk, you can seek custody and you can also do so in instances where the child’s parents are unavailable due to death, desertion, or incarceration.

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