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Domestic violence is an unfortunate and serious issue that can have unwanted legal consequences. What began as a simple marital spat can grow into something much more if police are called into the matter. Domestic violence charges can tear a family apart. Law enforcement officers must make difficult judgment calls that can easily lead to an unfair or unjust arrest.

A heated argument can end up leading to criminal prosecution, restraining orders, and even custody battles. If you are charged with domestic violence, you need to retain the legal counsel of a trusted attorney from the criminal defense team at Dunham & Ingram today.

Prosecutors take domestic violence charges seriously and are likely to pursue them vigorously. Unfortunately, there is much room for error when the police arrive on the scene of an incident. Circumstantial evidence can lead to incorrect assumptions, and if any sign of physical injury is present, police are required to make an arrest.

Can Domestic Battery Charges be Dropped in Florida?

Domestic battery charges can not be dropped in Florida by the victim. Only the prosecutor can drop Domestic violence charges. Having a skilled attorney can help you to have Domestic Violence charges be dropped.

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At Dunham & Ingram, we understand that domestic violence cases can be easily blown out of proportion. Emotional people are prone to spur of the moment errors in judgment. With knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel on your side, you can begin to work toward a favorable outcome for your case.

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