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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for Traffic Court?
    Do I Need a Lawyer for Traffic Court?

    So you ran a red light. Or you didn’t, but an officer thinks you did. Should you hire a lawyer to help you? Well, that depends. If you’re facing a small fine for running the red light perhaps it isn’t ...

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  • Sealing and Expunging
    Sealing and Expunging

    Your criminal case has resolved – perhaps years ago – but you still find that the charge plagues you when you look for a job. It’s a mistake from the past that embarrasses you, and you’d like to see ...

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  • DUI and a Law Enforcement Blood Draw
    DUI and a Law Enforcement Blood Draw

    Florida Statute 316.1933 states “If a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that a motor vehicle driven by or in the actual physical control of a person under the influence of ...

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  • The Daubert Standard
    The Daubert Standard

    A trial seems straight forward on TV. And many of them are. A simple matter of evidence and the presumption of innocence and a panel of jurors listening to see if one overcomes the other. Some cases, ...

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  • Citizen Informant versus Anonymous Tipster
    Citizen Informant versus Anonymous Tipster

    Arrests come about in many ways. Sometimes an officer sees the crime. More often than not the police become involved in an investigation because someone called them. The information gleaned in that ...

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  • The Fellow Officer Rule
    The Fellow Officer Rule

    When you hire an attorney, you’re hiring an advocate - someone who comes to court with you and fights for you. Beyond what you see your attorney do there are countless things that happen in your case ...

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