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  • What's Up With the Smell of Marijuana?
    What's Up With the Smell of Marijuana?

    The legalization of hemp, on July 1 st of this year, has turned law enforcement and prosecution on its head. Previously, when hemp wasn’t legal, the smell of marijuana (or hemp) during a traffic stop ...

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  • Speeding in a School Zone
    Speeding in a School Zone

    Over the next couple of weeks, school season will return to Marion and Alachua County. That means your morning commute may be a bit more challenging. Generally, the speed limit in a school zone is 20 ...

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  • The Florida Statutes
    The Florida Statutes

    We all know that certain things are “illegal” even if we don’t necessarily know what those things are. But where are these rules kept? The Florida Statutes are the codified laws of Florida. “Codified” ...

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  • What is Jury Selection?
    What is Jury Selection?

    You’ve been to a handful of court dates. Your lawyer has talked to you about the evidence. You’ve rejected any kind of offer from the state. And now it’s time to pick your jury. But what does that ...

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  • I'll Just Appeal
    I'll Just Appeal

    You go to court, accept a plea offer from the State Attorney, and resolve your case. Maybe you’re not crazy about the plea deal, but you’re worried about facing jail or even prison. And in the back of ...

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  • Mental Health and Divorce in Florida
    Mental Health and Divorce in Florida

    There are two grounds for divorce in Florida – the marriage is irretrievably broken or one spouse is mentally incapacitated. This mental incapacity must exist for at least three years before the ...

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