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If you have been previously convicted of a crime, one of the possible punishments you may be subject to is probation. Probation is a sentence that can be handed down by the court in lieu of imprisonment, where you are subjected to certain conditions set by a judge and generally under the supervision of a probation officer.

If you fail to meet these conditions or engage in certain other prohibited activities, you may indeed violate your probation and this can have serious repercussions. You may end up being sent to jail for a probation violation, so you should make sure to protect your legal rights and interests by working with a criminal defense attorney from Dunham & Ingram.

Under most circumstances, a probationer must meet regularly with a probation officer to prove that they are meeting conditions set by the court and that they are not violating any laws. An officer will keep a close track with everyday dealings including maintaining of residence and employment. If you fail to report to your officer or commit an additional crime while on probation, you could be putting yourself at grave risk. The most common and unfortunate resolution to a probation violation will be the requirement to serve the jail sentence that was suspended in lieu of probation.

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The terms of probation are not a one size fits all affair and are always individually tailored, so you should remain diligent in your understanding of all terms and conditions you must meet. It is important to remember that probation is a privilege, not a right. Your freedom and future are of the utmost importance, and we will work hard on your behalf to prevent incarceration if you have committed a probation violation.

If you are in violation of any terms or conditions of your probation, you need to contact an Ocala criminal defense lawyer today. Call our firm and fill out a case evaluation form as soon as possible.

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