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Child support is a type of payment that a higher income parent makes to the lower income parent following a divorce. Its intention is to provide their child with the basic necessities they need to live and may cover expenses such as food, water, electricity, and living accommodations. Whether you need child support to help pay for your child or need to modify the current child support order, retain experienced representation to help achieve your goals.

Dunham & Ingram is committed to providing individuals throughout Florida with the highest quality legal services possible. After having successfully helped thousands of clients, our child support attorneys in Ocala have a comprehensive understanding of Florida family law. Our lawyers will effectively navigate you through the complex legal process and ensure your best interests are strongly represented.

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About Child Support in Florida

Florida laws regarding child support are clear; if there are children in a divorce, there is child support. Generally, whichever parent spends the majority of the time with the child is the one who will be the recipient of the child support. The amount of child support that the parent will need to pay is determined by taking a variety of factors into consideration.

When the court calculates the amount of child support, it will look at:

  • Any special needs the child has
  • How many children the parents have
  • How much yearly income each parent makes
  • Other considerations, such as daycare costs, medical insurance expenses, etc.

While many people believe that child support payments must be paid directly to cover the child’s living expenses, it is not true. Child support payments are intended to function more as a general reimbursement of the cost of living.

If significant changes in your living situation occur, you may be able to seek a modification of the child support order.

These are all possible reasons to modify a child support order:

  • Changes in time-sharing
  • The recipient parent remarried
  • A substantial decrease or increase in either parent’s income

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