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What began innocently as a forgotten traffic ticket or court appearance can turn into a nightmarish scenario for an unsuspecting person. Perhaps you simply neglected to pay fines or to appear for a court date regarding some tickets or other criminal matter. Maybe you did not fully understand the magnitude of a subpoena you received to appear as a witness in a court case.

Regardless of the circumstances, you could have a bench warrant issued for your arrest by a judge, even for what seems like an innocent and harmless situation. If you are facing such a bench warrant, the trusted legal help of a criminal defense lawyer is available from Dunham & Ingram.

What is a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is issued by a judge from the "bench," unlike a traditional warrant, that is obtained through the diligence of police and prosecution for probable cause in a criminal case. While police generally do not actively pursue those who have had a bench warrant issued, it can still lead to an embarrassing and potentially harmful incident if law enforcement stops you for a routine ticket or moving violation.

When an officer runs your information through his computer, your name will turn up and he will be required to arrest you and take you to jail. Your day can turn sour in a hurry, sometimes keeping you locked up for hours upon end until you can post bail or be seen by a judge. A matter that would have incurred minimal punishment can now carry more far-ranging consequences.

Retain Representation from Dunham & Ingram

It is always better to face a court date or pay fines you owe than to put things off to another day. We can help you clear your name and seek to avoid penalties from your bench warrant with our proactive courtroom advocacy. We are committed to protecting your best interests and reaching a swift resolution from your warrants. It is important that you contact our firm as soon as possible and schedule a case evaluation to learn about your defense options.

Contact an Ocala criminal lawyer immediately and stop putting off an issue that could only grow more serious over time.

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