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Disorderly conduct has sometimes been termed a "catch-all" charge as it has been used to quiet down and control a crowd who is not necessarily doing anything illegal or causing a danger to themselves or others.

Disorderly conduct may be charged for a number of various things, such as:

  • Being drunk in public
  • Fighting with another or others
  • Making unreasonable noises after having been asked to cease
  • Loitering in certain places
  • Disrupting a group of people who are assembled in a lawful manner.

Disorderly conduct charges are most often misdemeanors. Regardless of whether you, one of your children or another loved one has been accused, you may be confused and wondering what to do about it, or even why it was charged; don't wait to enlist the defense of a seasoned criminal lawyer. Dunham & Ingram is familiar with the type of criminal law governing disrupting the peace and such accusations and we are glad to help.

How Can Disorderly Conduct Charges be Dropped?

Disorderly conduct charges can be dropped from a range of factors such as mental incapacity, self defense, being a minor, or acting under duress or in self-defense. You could also have the charges be dropped if it is found out that you were not the one that caused the problem. A great example of this would be cops arresting everyone in a drag race event but you did not cause it, so in that case the charges will be dropped.

Dunham & Ingram - Defense for Your Charges

Being charged with a disorderly conduct crime means that the person allegedly disturbed the peace or they were guilty of interrupting or depriving others of the peace and quiet which is their right.

If you or someone you love has been charged with disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace, get in touch with our team today and we can help you understand your rights and legal options. If you obtain the services of our firm, we can explore all defense options and seek to have the charges dismissed or gain another positive outcome to your case.

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