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In the state of Florida, divorced individuals are required to follow specific procedural rules when a custodial parent requests to relocate their child more than 50 miles away. Above all, the move must be in the best interests of the child for a court to approve the relocation. However, Florida courts fully understand the impact that moving can have on a child’s life, thereby making the approval of relocation requests rare and challenging.

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About Relocations in Florida

Relocations, obviously, are much easier to get approved when both parents agree to the terms of the move. When the noncustodial parent consents and cooperates, the process is much more efficient. The agreement needs to document transportation arrangements, define visitation rights, and be in writing. Once both parties agree to the relocation plan, it needs to be ratified by a Florida court. However, if the parties cannot come to an agreement, the custodial parent needs to file a petition for relocation with the court.

A detailed petition needs to outline the:

  • Address of the intended new residence
  • Planned date of the move
  • Reasons for relocating

If an agreement between the custodial parent and noncustodial parent still cannot be reached, the court schedules a hearing to consider the circumstances and facts of the parent-child relationship and how feasible it would be to maintain the relationship.

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