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Florida Teen Expelled & Arrested for Science Experiment Blast

After what was originally meant to be an exciting school experiment, a 16 year old high school student was arrested and expelled for a science project gone wrong. Not only is this young woman facing now felony charges for her alleged "criminal actions," but she has also been expelled from her school. On April 22, 2013, just one week following the Boston bombings at the marathon, this student decided to further her scientific curiosity on her school campus.

Before classes began, at 7a.m. the student, the student conducted a science experiments at Bartow High School. According to the testimony of her friend on campus, the girl used toilet bowl cleaner and put into a plastic water bottle along with aluminum foil. Once the elements contacted each other, the police report it created a "firecracker like reaction,' creating a loud "pop" and then some smoke. The school principal notes the incident did not result in the injury of anyone on campus, nor were there any measures of property damage.

Science teachers claim they had not authorized the school experiment, and despite the young woman's pleas for not wanting to harm anyone or disrupt the campus; the school contacted the police and she was immediately arrested. She now faces charges for the possession and discharge of a weapon on the school campus as well as discharging a destructive device. The principal shares the daughter was never a troubled kid and is a good student, he believes she never intended to do harm.

Sadly, the school reports she was expelled because her actions fell under their high schools code of conduct and they claim it is their responsibility to immediately expel her. At this point, there is a big division in the community between those in favor of the law enforcement actions, and those who believe the school district took her punishments a little too far.

A Princeton University professor comments on this situation stating that there is no reason these young girls "misguided curiosity" should result in not only her school expulsion, but also possible felony charges and a criminal record at the age of 16. The professor, Kathleen Nolan, states because of zero-tolerance laws, far too many minors are facing criminal charges for actions are far from having criminal intent.

Perhaps your minor was recently arrested for criminal activity, and you feel as though their actions were never of the intent to harm another person; similar to this young lady. If your child has been arrested for a criminal offense, contact Christopher L. Dunham, P.A. today for the Marion County criminal defense attorney you deserve on your side. Our firm will do whatever we can to defend your child's rights and to fight for their future!