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Success! Client Tested Positive for Drugs Three Times on Probation

Our client had been charged with eight different cases of selling cocaine. Prior to our representation, he plead guilty was sentenced to serve 19 months in prison followed by drug offender probation with the understanding that if he violated probation, he wouild be going back to prison.

Dunham & Ingram represented the client the third time he tested positive for drug use while on probation. Due to the very serious nature of the charges against the client, he scored a minimum of 5 years imprisonment, with a maximum of 160 years in prison.

A mitigation hearing was conducted in which the client admitted to using drugs while on probation. The defense was able to persuade the judge that despite it happening three times, the client would not use drugs again while on probation. After serving only an additional two days in jail, he was released by into the community.

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