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3 Year Prison Sentence Reduced to Probation

Our client was charged with possession of marijuana and battery of a law enforcement officer. Due to our client's offending history, a minimum sentence of 2 years imprisonment was likely, with a maximum sentence of 7 years imprisonment. The State offered our client 3 years imprisonment if he plead guilty.

The Defendant hired Attorney Andy Ingram to defend him. Several factual issues from the arrest circumstances resulted in the filing of a Motion to Suppress. The State offered our client 2 years on a guilty plea, but out client refused. Negotioations between Mr. Ingram and the State continued and the plea offer was futher reduced to 9 months imprisonment.

A suppression hearing took place and live evidence was heard by both sides. At the coclusion of the hearing and discussions with the State, the State areed to amend both charges to possession of drug paraphenalia and resisting arrest without violence. Our client plead to the amended charges and was sentenced to a period of probation. Due to the lesser drug charge, our client was able to keep his drivers license.