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Violation of Probation...Unprecedented Result for Client!

Our client was arrested for a third conviction of DUI with property damage. She committed a new law offense of driving while license suspended and violation of probation. Having already spent 60 days in jail, the State were seeking the maximum sentence of 300 days in prison, due to her flagrant disregard for court orders and committing a new crime.

Attorney Andy Ingram agreed to represent the Defendant at her sentencing hearing. Following negotiations, the State agreed to stand silent and not make any representations but instead, to defer to the court and probation on length of sentence. In a bold move, Mr. Ingram recommended to the judge that our client's probation be reinstated, and that she not be penalized for her violation of probation. The judge stated in open court that he can count on one hand the number of people that he has previously reinstated...and that, the thought of reinstatement gave him heart burn! Despite the judge's stern comments, Mr. Ingram continued to try and convince the judge and probation that our client should be reinstated.

In a fantastic ruling, our client's probation was reinstated. She was not penalized for the violation of her probation.