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Enhanced DUI Charge - Successful Negotiations with the State Result in Client's Favor

Our client was charged with driving while under the influence. The Defendant swerved in and out of lanes several times, and ended up crashing his vehicle. He then fled the scene of the crash. He drove several more miles before being arrested by law enforcement. The “legal limit” of alcohol is .08. The Defendant blew .18. The Defendant’s reading was so high that the law treats it as an ‘enhanced’ DUI, with much harsher consequences.

Attorney Andy Ingram, represented the Defendant. It was clear from the outset that the evidence against the Defendant was strong. However, after negotiating with the State Attorney, Mr. Ingram was able to convince the State to agree to a substantially lesser charge of DUI, (non-enhanced) and not to proceed with an additional charge of leaving the scene of a crash.

The Defendant was sentenced to probation without any jail. He was allowed to continue driving on a hardship license.