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Trial Victory: Not Guilty Verdict After Hit and Run

Our client was charged with a hit and run. After refusing any plea deals, Gainesville criminal defense attorney Andy Ingram geared up for trial. The morning of trial, the Judge allowed the State to amend the criminal charge brought against our client and change the statute under which our client was charged. Despite the State's multiple violations of discovery rules and deadlines, the Judge allowed the State to admit photographs that were not previously disclosed to the defense until after jury selection. The Judge further allowed the State to present a witness that was not disclosed until the Sunday evening before trial.

Despite the overwhelming obstacles presented to Attorney Ingram on the day of trial, he prevailed and obtained a not guilty verdict from the jury. Attorney Ingram accomplished this feat by neutralizing the police officer's testimony and completely discrediting the State's remaining witnesses, the victim and victim's best friend. Attorney Ingram well prepared our client to testify in her own defense. In addition to the acquittal of the criminal charge, Attorney Ingram was also successful in having the accompanying traffic ticket dismissed at the end of the trial.