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State Dismisses Domestic Violence Charge After Attorney Ingram Stands Up for his Client's Rights

Our client was accused of domestic violence for battering his wife. Initially, he was appointed a public defender. A month later, he was still charged with the offense though he continued to profess his innocence. After becoming frustrated with the public defender's system, he sought out and retained Gainesville criminal defense attorney Andy Ingram. After Attorney Ingram discussed a new strategy with the client, they agreed to give the State Attorney three days before they would demand a speedy trial. At the expiration of that time frame, Attorney Ingram filed his demand for a speedy trial confident that he would prevail at trial.

Two days later, the Judge scheduled a hearing on Attorney Ingram's motion in order to set the trial. In fact, Attorney Ingram appeared before two different judges that day demanding an immediate trial on behalf of his client. The trial of this matter was set and Attorney Ingram looked forward to his client's day in court. However, later that afternoon, the State Attorney elected to dismiss the case against our client in order to avoid a trial with its zealous opposition, Attorney Ingram.