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No Conviction Under 10-20-Life For Discharging Firearm in Commission of Forcible Felony

Following a dispute with two juveniles over money, our client went to the juvenile's house with a gun, made threats, and then fired his weapon. Thereafter, our client was charged with discharging of a firearm in commission of a forcible felony. Falling squarely into the 10-20-Life mandatory minimum sentencing law, our client faced a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison without the possibility of parol or early release. Early on, Gainesville criminal defense attorney Andy Ingram succeeded in having our client's $200,000.00 bond substantially reduced after filing motions with the Court. Despite the mound of unfavorable evidence against our client, attorney Ingram ultimately secured a deal, allowing our client to plead no contest to a greatly reduced charge. Significantly, this plea deal involved no conviction for any criminal offense and allowed our client to walk away with only a short probation sentence.