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What happened to "custody?"

Florida family law courts have, over the last few years, shifted toward a “sharing” two-parent mentality of child-rearing. Rather than seeing the children as a “thing” to be shared or owned by one parent Florida is focusing on unified decision making. The goal is to put the needs of the children first.

Thus, when you’re in court you’re more likely to hear the term “timesharing” than “custody.” And you may be facing a judge who expects both parents to work wholly toward the best interest of their child rather than focusing on issues between the parents.

In 2018 the legislature gave authority to the Department of Revenue to create an all new timesharing plan. There is a standard plan, and it is up to the parents to agree on timesharing. Otherwise, the judge may end up designing the plan for you.

Your children are a huge part of your life. It’s important that you talk to someone knowledgeable during this difficult time.

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