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The Florida Statutes

We all know that certain things are “illegal” even if we don’t necessarily know what those things are. But where are these rules kept?

The Florida Statutes are the codified laws of Florida. “Codified” means arranged according to a code or system. The Florida Statutes are arranged by Title. There are 48 Titles– and each chapter contains all of the Florida laws on a particular subject.

You can access the Florida Statutes online. Each Title is a link that you can follow to get more information. State Attorneys reference these statutes when decide with what crime to charge someone. Police officers frequently carry their own short version of the statutes to help them decide the same thing.

The statutes are intimidating. 48 Titles containing sections within each of those chapters covering everything from aviation to banking. Title 46 is the statute with all of the information about crimes. And within Title 46 there are chapters about every crime from Arson to Fraud.

The statutes contain a lot of information. This is just one of the many reasons that it’s important to hire an experienced trial attorney – someone familiar with the statutes and their meaning. Call Dunham and Ingram to get help today.