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Domestic Violence and Time-Sharing

The law in Florida leans heavily away from restricting a parent’s visitation rights with their child. It is the public policy of the state that a minor child has “frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate.”

That said – the statute requires that parenting plans and time-sharing be “in the best interest of the child.” There are a number of factors that the court considers in determining what that means in each case.

There are twenty statutory factors that will influence a time-sharing plan. On top of those twenty factors the statute makes specific reference to what could happen to a parenting plan if there is a domestic violence charge or conviction.

The court considers accusations of domestic violence to be detrimental (harmful) to the child. Because the statute requires best interest of the child in determining a living and visitation arrangement this is a harmful factor.

Because of the domestic violence issue (as well as the twenty factors that are considered in determining parenting and time sharing) it is important that you have legal guidance with a separation and divorce. Attorneys Chris Dunham and Andy Ingram are experienced in dealing with these and many other family law issues. Call us today.