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Sealing and Expunging

Your criminal case has resolved – perhaps years ago – but you still find that the charge plagues you when you look for a job. It’s a mistake from the past that embarrasses you, and you’d like to see it gone. Aha! You need it sealed! Expunged? Maybe… You’re not sure what to do next. What you need is a lawyer.

Sealing and expunging are two ways to make sure that a piece of your criminal history – or in some cases all of it – is cleared. A sealed record still exists but can only be accessed by a certain group of people. An expunged record is completely erased (mostly). Both are overseen by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and governed by the Florida Statutes.

There are specific requirements that must be met for sealing and different but similar requirements for expungement. The application process can be complex. And just because you qualify to apply for sealing or expungement doesn’t mean that it has to be granted. After you file the application you are entitled to a hearing, but the court can, with good reason, deny your petition.

A record likely exists of your arrest – even if the charges were dropped or you were found not guilty. And you can only petition once in a lifetime to have your record expunged. This is an important process that is likely to affect the rest of your life. Make sure you that you get help. Call Dunham and Ingram today.