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State Crimes versus Federal Crimes

You see it in the movies or on TV, but no one ever really explains it…What is the difference between a state crime and a federal crime?

For starters, a state crime is brought by the state of Florida against a defendant. A federal crime is when the federal government brings charges. State courts hear charges brought by violations of state law while federal courts hear violations of federal law or constitutional issues.

Some crimes can be both federal and state crimes. When that happens the prosecutors may work together to decide where to bring charges. For example, bank robbery is a state crime because robbery is a state crime. But if the bank is federally insured it becomes a federal crime. The state prosecutor and federal prosecutor may discuss a bank robbery case to decide how to charge the defendant.

Crimes that occur on federal land could become federal crimes. Ocala is bordered by the Ocala National Forest – some of which Is federal land. This means that crimes committed in the forest could be federal crimes – solely because of where they took place.

Federal court and state court have different rules. This means these courts have different procedures. While there are similarities there are also large important differences.

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