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The Department of Child Services (DCS) has extraordinary power as a governmental agency and often misuses that power to aggressively attack parents accused of mistreating their children. Even if no actual abuse took place or if a simple misunderstanding occurred, the DCS can still wreak havoc upon a family. If you have been accused of mistreating your child and the DCS are investigating you and your loved ones, you need experienced representation to protect your rights and fight for your best interests.

At Dunham & Ingram, our Ocala family lawyers have decades of experience in handling cases like these. As a result, we have successfully helped thousands of clients over the years and developed a comprehensive understanding of Florida family law. Our legal team will effectively navigate you through the proceedings and do everything we can to help you retain custody of your child.

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About DCS Hearings & Investigations

The DCS is one of the most powerful government agencies and even has the ability to remove children from their home without going through a jury trial. While most parents believe that the judge will listen to their side of the story, dependency proceedings and adjuratory hearings are not like any other type of trial. Hearsay is an allowable form of evidence and judges are more likely to side with the DCS representatives, who they interact with frequently. What starts as an innocent injury sustained in an accident can quickly devolve into false allegations of abuse.

While, understandably, outrage and confusion may be your initial responses, it is important that you:

  • Keep a calm and clear head because a negative attitude may reflect poorly on you in court
  • Present your best self so that the court can see that you are a caring and capable parent
  • Collect and organize any and all evidence of how well you care for your child
  • Contact our Ocala family lawyers immediately for strong representation

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