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State prosecutors and law enforcement are tough on drug possession with intent to sell crimes. This drug offense may be charged as misdemeanors or as felonies, depending upon how much of the drug is found, what form it is in, and what evidence exists. The punishment for intent to sell is far more severe than for simple possession. Though it may not be the case, police may allege that possessing a small amount of drugs carried with it the intent to sell or deliver the drugs.

How is Intent to Sell Determined?

Law enforcement will look at certain factors as indicators of intent to sell, such as:

  • How the drugs are packaged
  • The kind of drugs found, and their volume
  • The presence of drug paraphernalia, like baggies or scales
  • The presence of a gun or other weapon
  • Quantities of money being present
  • Admission by the defendant that there was an intent to sell

Being convicted of drug possession with intent to sell can create serious problems in your life. If you are convicted, you may face difficulty buying a home, renting an apartment, getting approved for college or graduate school, getting a loan or financial aid, or being accepted for a job.

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