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DUI Penalties in Florida

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If you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence in Marion County, your life can be turned upside down in an instant. A momentary lapse of judgment can end up leading to years of turmoil and repercussions. You may be wondering how a conviction would affect your life. The penalties you may be facing are very serious and deserve the representation of a dedicated Ocala criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to fight for your rights and freedoms. You need to turn your trust to my dedicated firm

Below is a breakdown of possible penalties for DUI offenders in Florida. Keep in mind that if your DUI caused an accident leading to the serious injury or death of another person, charges and subsequent penalties can be escalated to the felony level, even for a first-time offense:

  • First DUI: Jail time up to nine months, fines up to $1000, driver's license suspension up to one year, probation up to one year, six-month ignition interlock device installation for BAC over 0.20%, community service up to 50 hours
  • Second DUI (within five years): Jail time up to 12 months, fines up to $2000, minimum license suspension of five years, probation up to one year, one to two years of an ignition interlock device installation for BAC over 0.20%, community service up to 50 hours
  • Third DUI (within 10 years): Jail time up to five years, fines up to $5000, license suspension up to 10 years, probation up to five years, minimum two years of ignition interlock device for BAC over 0.20%, community service up to 50 hours.
  • Fourth DUI (within 10 years): Similar punishments to third DUI, but with a permanent driver's license suspension.

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