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Have you been charged with drug trafficking? Drug trafficking means the selling of, delivery of, manufacturing of, or possession of illegal drugs over a specific quantity. The penalties for drug trafficking crimes are very severe in the state of Florida because it is thought to be a crucial geographical location for drug trafficking activities. The minimum mandatory sentence for drug trafficking offenses ranges from three years to life in prison, plus heavy fines and are based on the kind of drug and the amount trafficked.

Simply possessing a higher quantity of a controlled subject falls under the definition of drug trafficking. The prosecutor does not have to prove that you are a drug dealer or that you even had the intention to sell the drugs. Prosecutors only need to show that you knew of the unlawful nature of the drug that you possessed. It is crucial that a skilled drug crime attorney right away if you are arrested, or if you suspect an arrest will be forthcoming shortly. The sooner a skilled Ocala criminal lawyer is contacted, the more effective the preparation of your defense will be.

Types of Trafficked Drugs

Convictions for drug offenses are very serious and will have long-term and negative repercussions throughout your life. There are many different drugs that can be trafficked and trafficking can occur anywhere throughout the United States, including trafficking through borders and ports.

The most common kinds of narcotics or illegal drugs trafficked are:

  • Marijuana or Cannabis
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription Drugs, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine

If the trafficking offenses you are charged with also involve conspiracy to traffic in these drugs, prior drug convictions, or possession of a firearm, the sentence for your crimes may be made even longer.

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