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Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense, but when you commit this crime while using or threatening to use a deadly weapon, you could be facing third degree felony charges. Assault with a deadly weapon is a form of aggravated assault, and a conviction can lead to a permanent criminal record and other undesirable repercussions.

This type of assault is pursued even more vigorously by the state and law enforcement as it can place a victim at a much higher risk of bodily harm or death. If you are facing assault with a deadly weapon charges, you need to make immediate contact with an Ocala criminal defense attorney, as your future stands at perilous risk.

What is the Penalty for Aggravated Assault in Florida?

Assault while possessing a deadly weapon may result in up to five years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine. The nature of the weapon used is a critical factor. If a firearm is used when committing assault, there will be a mandatory minimum prison sentence of three years.

There is no room for leniency or leeway on the part of a judge's discretion, and he or she is legally bound to asses this punishment upon you. The prosecution's case will rely heavily on witnesses' testimony, and a skilled defense lawyer can work at lessening charges or getting them dropped altogether if the state's case is not strong enough.

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