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The illegal possession and trafficking of prescription drugs is a sector of drug enforcement that has been growing quickly in recent years. Trafficking is usually understood to mean trading in illegal drugs. Under Florida statute that term is not defined, leaving a gray area for ambitious prosecutors to charge those with an even a very small amount of prescription medication with trafficking. Even if you have only several pills of a controlled substance you can be charged with drug trafficking.

Common Prescription Drug Charges & Penalties

Trafficking in prescription medication carries with it lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Having five oxycodone pills (4.26 grams) in your possession may result in a mandatory jail sentence of three years minimum, with larger amounts ending up with sentences of up to 25 years. Some other prescription drugs that are prosecuted under the category of trafficking are Vicodin, opium, Valium, amphetamines and Ritalin.

Defense Against Prescription Fraud in Marion County

Prescription fraud occurs when forgery, misrepresentation or counterfeiting is used to illegally procure prescription drugs. This may be done for personal use or to distribute or sell these drugs to other individuals. Prescription fraud is usually accomplished by stealing, altering or creating fake/counterfeit blank prescription slips. Other crimes having to do with prescription drugs are selling one's own legal prescription or distributing it to other people and illegally manufacturing prescription drugs.

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