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Burglary Charges in Ocala

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Have you been arrested for burglary? This is a very serious theft crime that deserves outstanding representation from a trusted legal professional as soon as possible. Without the retention of an attorney, you may be facing heavy penalties, including jail time and fines. By working with a trusted Ocala criminal defense attorney, you may be able to receive reduced or dismissed charges.

Burglary Laws in Florida

Burglary can be defined as the unlawful breaking and entering a house, auto, warehouse, store, barn, or other structure with the intention of theft, mayhem, assault and battery, or another crime. It does not matter if the defendant in a burglary charge succeeded in the intended act once the alleged burglar entered the premises unlawfully - the important part of the case is that they entered and intended to commit the act. The prosecution does not have to prove that you carried out the act once the property was entered, only that you had the criminal intent of doing so.

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When you are charged, the prosecutor will have to prove that you had a certain intention in entering and that can be difficult to do. This may be used to your benefit, and there are other potential avenues of defense depending on your unique circumstances.

At Dunham & Ingram, we can provide you with exceptional legal guidance and help you understand what legal options and rights are available to you. If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, it is important that you act quickly and retain the legal counsel of a trusted criminal defense attorney.

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