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DUI Chemical Tests

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If you are pulled over, and a police officer suspects you of DUI, then you may be asked to perform some field sobriety tests. It is important to recognize that you cannot be penalized for refusing these tests; however, there is an implied consent law in Florida regarding chemical tests. If a police officer has probable cause and they arrest you for drinking and driving, then they can take you to perform a chemical test.

The implied consent law in Florida states that if you are driving on the roads in Florida, then you agree to take these tests when asked. A refusal of a chemical test can result in increasingly severe penalties per offense. In addition to the penalties for a DUI conviction, you will face license suspension for one year for chemical test refusal. A second or subsequent offense of chemical test refusal will result in license suspension for 18 months as well as misdemeanor charges.

What is a Chemical Test?

A chemical test is a medical or scientific method of determining your BAC (blood alcohol content). The evidence obtained in these tests are often thought to be highly convincing; however, it is important to know that with each test, there are various errors and inconsistencies that can produce false readings.

Breath Test
A breath test is administered by having a suspect breath into a machine that will measure alcohol on their breath. This is a highly faulty method as this test only measures alcohol on a person's breath, not in their blood. Additionally, the slightest amount of alcohol in a person's mouth will drastically alter the outcome of the test.

Blood Test
The blood test is administered at a health facility once an arrest has been made. While this test deals directly with the blood and is generally more reliable than a breath test, an important aspect is that a length of time generally elapses between the time that a suspect was driving and the time that the test is administered. This can result in altered readings and false evidence.

Urine Test
A urine test is administered by testing an individual's urine for alcohol content. This has similar issues regarding unreliable evidence as does the blood test. One other factor in every chemical test is human error. Whenever a person is involved in transporting a specimen, or hand-copying information, there is always the possibility that a mistake is made.

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